News / testing

  • Production has Started!

      Hello all, We’ve had an incredibly busy few weeks, with production runs on your Quadshots finally under way! We received all the plastic parts from our US based plastics supplier, and here are the boxes with enough plastic parts for 400 Quadshots: The new and (post the prototype run we mentioned in the last update) slightly improved electronics box: Brand new off the molds! And 1600 ABS-PC pylon skeletons: The Lisa/Ms for the Espresso level awards also ran through their production run for the Kickstarter deliveries. Here we see them being assembled at Dallas Electronics, our Santa Cruz based...

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  • Quick Update

     Quick Update: Mocha: Airframe assembly and testing continues - we’ve now put Lia brains into the first 20 Mochas, and are testing them individually to make sure we did everything right :-) Most excitingly, we have shipped the first ones! We will be shipping them out in the order they were pledged. Espresso: We received the Lisa/Ms and Aspirins with the new barometric pressure sensors, and Piotr got them all flashed, soldered together, serialized, and tested: We shipped out the first 18 Espressos and first Mocha (lower left) on Wednesday the 25th: Unfortunately, we are now hearing that we forgot...

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  • Shipping kits - and building lots of Quadshots

      Hey all, since the container arrived we’ve been hard at work getting Quadshots assembled, boxed, and shipped out. Here’s the status of everything: Latte: Completed and shipped out on June 21! Cappuccino: Completed and shipped out on June 21! We know of one backer, Anton, that built his Cappuccino around a Lisa/M v1.0. He’s posted videos on youtube: maiden hovering flight and first mode 2 flight. We can’t wait to see more videos from all of you! Mocha: Obviously the biggest task - we’ve built about a third of the airframes so far. Chris is the assembly Zen master! On the electronics...

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