• Quick Update

     Quick Update:

    Mocha: Airframe assembly and testing continues - we’ve now put Lia brains into the first 20 Mochas, and are testing them individually to make sure we did everything right :-) Most excitingly, we have shipped the first ones! We will be shipping them out in the order they were pledged.

    Espresso: We received the Lisa/Ms and Aspirins with the new barometric pressure sensors, and Piotr got them all flashed, soldered together, serialized, and tested:

    We shipped out the first 18 Espressos and first Mocha (lower left) on Wednesday the 25th:

    Unfortunately, we are now hearing that we forgot to put the bags of ESCs into the Espresso kits - our apologies! We will ship those separately to the affected backers ASAP and we hope to ship the rest of the Espressos next week.

    Kopi Luwak: We finally received the AirSTORM COMs from Gumstix yesterday (27th). They are otherwise all assembled, so we will flight-test them and hope to send them out next week as well.

    In other news, we are currently in Las Vegas attending the DEF CON 20 conference, where we were invited to give a talk on the Paparazzi software and hardware that form the core of the Quadshots. If you are attending as well, our talk is tomorrow, Sunday, the 29th at 4 PM in track 2.

    More shipping updates soon!
    --the Quadshot Team.
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