Transition Robotics Store Refund Policy


Orders cannot be canceled once they have shipped. Goods cannot be returned for any reason including a customer no longer needing or wanting a product or lack of product knowledge unless the item is defective or faulty, in which case the following applies:

All goods are checked before they are sent out. In the unlikely event that goods are faulty, they must be returned to the Transition Robotics/Quadshot store at the address listed on your order invoice within 30 days of receipt , providing that the device has not been altered beyond that necessary to evaluate it, has no physical damage, and has been properly soldered or assembled by the user. Manufacturing defects identified during that period will be repaired by Transition Robotics or replaced by with the same item.  

The Transition Robotics/Quadshot store will not accept goods that have been clearly used more than the amount needed to evaluate their functionality. If the goods are found to be in working condition and the lack of functionality is a result of knowledge or assembly error on the customer's part, no refund will be made, but the goods will be returned to the user at their expense. If there is evidence that the product has been modified or an effort to "fix" it has been made, the Transition Robotics/Quadshot store will not be responsible and therefore will not provide an exchange. 

For other products distributed but not manufactured directly by the Transition Robotics/Quadshot store (i.e. crimped wires, connectors etc.), we will replace the defective part withing 10 days of delivery confirmation. The item must be as it was shipped, with no modifications, original packaging and contents. Order cancellations/refunds apply with the following conditions: 1.- When we can no longer provide one or more items of the actual order (i.e. discontinued parts). 2.- When one or more items of the actual order are not expected to be shipped within 30 days or more. 3.- When one or more items of the actual order is marked as In Stock but was actually Out of Stock due to an inventory error. Return shipment is the responsibility of the customer. All returns are credited as store credit upon receipt. RMAs are required for returns. Once the RMA has been issued, the customer has to return the item within 10 days of the issue date. If the item is not shipped within that time frame, the RMA will be nullified. Any order discrepancies must be communicated within 30 days of order receipt. This applies to any missing parts in kits, orders in packages, etc. After the 30 day window, we cannot be held responsible for any missing items.  


If any part or parts of this Refund Policy is/are determined to be invalid, unenforceable or unconstitutional, the remaining provisions of the Terms of Service, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy are still valid and deemed to be in effect.