The Quadshot

What is the Quadshot?

The Quadshot is a new kind of remote-controlled (RC) aircraft. It melds advanced open-source hardware, software and a unique airframe to provide the best parts of flying quadrocopters and airplanes.

The Quadshot's four motors, advanced sensors, and software work together to allow vertical takeoff, hovering, and flight in any direction - like a helicopter. At the flip of a switch, the Quadshot switches into airplane mode, and uses its wing to fly forward. The pilot can choose a beginner setting, with assisted, graceful banked turns, or an advanced mode for performing exciting aerobatics. Flipping the switch back to heli mode allows for pinpoint vertical landings.

The Quadshot incorporates a camera mount for creating breathtaking aerial footage - just attach your cam and fly!

Because the Quadshot is based on open-source hardware and open-source software (from the Paparazzi Project), the sky is literally the limit for what you can do. Hack it your way - change how it flies, build a UAV, or do something no one has even thought of yet!