JumpShip Autonomous Flight

The JumpShip performs a fully autonomous vertical takeoff, conversion to and from forward flight, and landing.

JumpShip Payload Drop-off

The JumpShip takes off vertically, transitions to forward flight, and flies an oval pattern for 20 km (12.5 miles) with a 2 kg (4.4 lb) payload. It then de-transitions, lands vertically, and the payload is removed. Lastly, it takes off again and flies an additional 20 km oval pattern on the same battery pack before landing.

Introducing the JumpShip

The JumpShip represents a leap forward in the utility and capability of small unmanned aerial systems: Pinpoint VTOL and efficient forward flight.

High-powered Quadshot

Chris shows off what happens when you stick a kilowatt of motors onto a Quadshot :-)

Hak5 episode 1206

Darren and Paul from came to visit us, and shot a bunch of videos that became episodes 1206.1, .2, and .3. First, a tour around our office and shop:
Second, an unboxing video - how to prepare your Quadshot for flight, powering on, and understanding the LED blink codes to exit 'safe mode:'
Third: flight videos covering Mode 1 flight (hovering), Mode 2 fight (trainer-airplane style), and Mode 3 flight (aerobatics):

High-Wind Flight:

Demo of a prototype QS flying in high winds:


CNC prototyping:

Jeff uses a 3-axis computer-controlled router to cut a prototype foam wing:


A team of engineers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands collaborated with us in the DARPA UAV Forge competition in 2012. Here's their proof-of-flight video using a prototype Quadshot: