JumpShip Autonomous Flight

The JumpShip performs a fully autonomous vertical takeoff, conversion to and from forward flight, and landing.

High-powered Quadshot

Chris shows off what happens when you stick a kilowatt of motors onto a Quadshot :-)

Hak5 episode 1206

Darren and Paul from came to visit us, and shot a bunch of videos that became episodes 1206.1, .2, and .3. First, a tour around our office and shop:
Second, an unboxing video - how to prepare your Quadshot for flight, powering on, and understanding the LED blink codes to exit 'safe mode:'
Third: flight videos covering Mode 1 flight (hovering), Mode 2 fight (trainer-airplane style), and Mode 3 flight (aerobatics):

High-Wind Flight:

Demo of a prototype QS flying in high winds:


CNC prototyping:

Jeff uses a 3-axis computer-controlled router to cut a prototype foam wing:


A team of engineers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands collaborated with us in the DARPA UAV Forge competition in 2012. Here's their proof-of-flight video using a prototype Quadshot: