• Lia PCBs and a big pile of electronic components

    On Wednesday we gathered up the 40+ reels of resistors, capacitors, LEDs, microcontrollers, connectors, sensors, and other parts and brought them to our PCB assembler so that Lisa/M production can begin. If all goes well over there we should get Lisa/Ms in a couple of weeks. Here's all the goodies stacked up and ready to go:

    Also, we received the first Lia prototype PCBs today! We can't wait to assemble and test them:

    As you can see, all the inputs and outputs are on 0.1" spacing to make them easy to solder in wires or use with header pins - we're really excited to see what people do with their Lias!

    Have a great weekend,

    tQt: Jeff, Pranay, Chris, and Piotr.

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