• We're on a Boat!

    The 20-foot shipping container full of Quadshot parts steamed out of Shenzhen as scheduled on the APL Denmark! She has already stopped off in Taiwan, and is now headed to the Port of Oakland with an ETA of June 11. You can track the Denmark's position here (ships only update their position when they are near shore).

    It is supposed to take 3-4 days for the container to clear customs and get trucked to us in Santa Cruz, so we’re planning a container unloading party for around Friday the 15th. Fingers crossed!

    Thus we still believe that kits - Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Espressos - will begin to ship out the week of June 18-22, followed by Kopi Luwaks, followed by Mochas. 

    In electronics news, we received stacks of Lia and Aspirin PCBs for the Mochas (and xBee carrier boards for the Espressos). Piotr has been working with Dallas Electronics (our PCB assembly provider) and we plan to get those assembled in the next week. Here’s some pics of an assembled pre-production sample:

    Lastly, we attended Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. Jeff had his picture taken at the Lytro booth (click on the photo to refocus):

    We also had a great time talking to people about the Quadshot - we even met a few of you! We definitely plan to host get-togethers and flying days with Bay Area backers, and hope groups of you in other parts of the world will do the same.

    More updates soon!

    -the Quadshot team.

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