• Foam is go!

    Update time again, and we’ll keep it short and sweet:

    Fourth time’s the charm! (For foam at least)

    We’re happy to announce we’ve approved the foam tooling! It took almost five months and three rounds of test shots, but the results look great and we feel it’s been worth the wait. Production all the foam parts (wings, winglets, pylons, and spar covers) has been kicked off and will take about a week. Chris also had a cool idea to add some pieces that let you keep radio RX bays you’re not using covered for a cleaner look and better aero:

    Batteries and chargers? Check and check.

    We’ve done a bunch of testing and picked a good supplier for both. They’re ready to ship out with the foam.

    Wires? Double check.

    The various wire assemblies to connect LEDs, the RC receiver, and battery to Lisa/Lia are being made now and will either ship over in the container with everything else, or arrive on a FedEx magic carpet.

    Lia? Check check check.

    Many of you (well, seven) replied to our last update, and in a landslide (with three votes!) is black boards with white text - the same as Lisa/M. Piotr is wearing all black to celebrate. PCBs are ordered and will be here in about 10 days. The microcontrollers and electronic components are already here, so Lia will go into assembly as soon as the boards arrive. We’ll assemble the second batch of Aspirin IMUs at the same time.

    And most importantly, a ship date! As in, on a ship!

    The biggest news is that assuming all goes well with the foam, our shipping container will be packed on May 25th and leave the port of Shenzhen on May 28th. ETA in Oakland, CA is on or about June 10, and following unloading, customs, and the truck ride to us in Santa Cruz, we should have everything on or about June 13.

    We therefore estimate that kits (Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Espressos), will begin to ship out the week of June 18-22, followed by Kopi Luwaks, followed by Mochas. We will publish more frequent short updates from here on out to keep everyone up-to-date.

    THANK YOU again for your patience, we are just as excited as you are!

    -- The Quadshot team: Jeff, Pranay, Piotr, and Chris.

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