• Plastics!

    We received the first 25 pieces of the electronics enclosures, lids, and pylon ‘skeletons’ from the injection-molding company, and they are beautiful! The rest are in production and will arrive in about 10 days. Check 'em out:

    We just had to build a new wing to celebrate:

    Chris has been flying whenever the weather cooperates, and it was a beautiful day yesterday so we got out and shot some video that we will post ASAP. As a result of software updates and Pranay’s gain tuning, the Quadshot is flying even more smoothly and stably than before, and we’re also now flying with the radio transmitter and receivers that will ship with the Mochas. In addition, Piotr modified a board (originally designed by members of the Paparazzi community) that should allow any standard six-channel transmitter and receiver to work with the Quadshot.

    You may notice in the last photo that Lisa/M looks a bit different - that’s because she is now v2.0 and in Piotr’s favorite color (of course):

    We have all the production circuit boards and all 40+ different reels of components, and will drop them off for assembly this week! Our Lia prototype boards will arrive this week as well, and we’ll hand-assemble two or three to verify that everything is correct before we kick off the production boards. The Lisa/L boards for the Kopi Luwaks are all ready and tested.

    In the Quadshot photo you can also see a thin board mounted in the bottom center of the enclosure - this allows Lisa to control all eight LEDs on the airframe in unison, for example blinking or fading them in/out to alert you to low battery or other condition.

    In other news, the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday ended Monday, so the foam mold manufacturing has resumed. It is still scheduled to be ready for ‘first shots’ in three weeks, so Jeff will be heading back to China to check on them and source the last few small components. He has ordered all of the radio transmitters and receivers, motors, and motor controllers, and will order the servos, carbon spars, and propellers this week.

    Thank you again for all of your support and patience. Don’t forget to join our forum at, or if you want to chat, check out the IRC channel #quadshot on the freenode network. If you don’t have an IRC client set up you can use a web client too. The #paparazzi community channel is also on the freenode network. See you there!


    Chris, Jeff, Piotr, and Pranay

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