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The Quadshot comes in five different varieties to suit a range of tastes. The Mocha is fully assembled and ready to fly out of the box. The Latte, Cappuccino, and Espresso are unassembled kits perfect for hacking. The brainy Kopi Luwak is assembled and ready for serious research - just bind and fly! Please see each product for more information.All of the Quadshots share the same lightweight, yet durable, airframe design consisting of a one-meter (39 inch) wing, four pylons with motors and propellers, an enclosure for the electronics, and a standard threaded mount suitable for a small camera. The wing is made out of EPO foam, with a carbon-fiber spar for strength. The pylons are plastic-reinforced foam, and act as landing gear, motor mounts, and tailfins. They are set farther apart on the bottom of the wing to give your camera a clear view.Technical Specifications for the Quadshots can be found here.
We recommend that all autopilot and sensor products be used in accordance with FAAAMA and/or any other applicable laws/guidelines.
The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) National Model Aircraft Safety Code can be found here.