Where can I get one? 
Our Kickstarter project is closed, but you can now order a Quadshot directly from our web store page. Kits ship in 3 business days, assembled units (e.g., the Mocha) ship within 14 days.

Where are the manuals?
To save paper and make sure they are always up-to-date, we keep all documentation on our wiki. In it, you'll find the Mocha User Guide, (also very useful for those who have assembled kits), and the Quadshot Assembly Manual

What is a Quad/Quadcopter/Quadrocopter?
A quadrocopter is a helicopter with four propellers pointing upward, instead of just one or two. A quad flies around by changing the speed of one or more propellers relative to the others, which tilts or spins the whole aircraft in the desired direction.

What is a UAV?
'UAV' stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. A UAV can be any kind of flying machine that does not have an on-board pilot. It is flown either using a remote control link from the ground or an autopilot system.

Where did the name "Quadshot" come from?
When we first got the prototype flight control software working, we realized that the aerobatic capabilities of this little aircraft are really phenomenal. It goes like a shot, turns on a dime and darts around the sky like it is amped up on four shots of espresso!

Is it hard to fly?
The Quadshot's advanced on-board accelerometers, gyros, and other sensors mean the flight control software can assist you a lot - or only a little. In hover mode, it is much easier to fly than a traditional helicopter, and beginner flight mode is about as easy to fly as a 'park flyer' or 'trainer' remote control airplane. Switch to aerobatic flight mode, and you get minimal assistance and maximum control! If you get in trouble though, you can switch back into hover mode and the Quadshot will do everything it can to right itself in midair. However, the Quadshot does not fly itself, so we recommend having some experience with remote-controlled vehicles.

Is it resistant to crashes?
We've built the Quadshot from tough EPO foam with carbon-fiber and reinforced plastic parts to try and withstand crashes.

How long can it fly?
It depends on what kind of flying you are doing, but flight times range from 6-8 minutes of hovering and aerobatic maneuvers, to close to 15 minutes of level flight.

Can I put a camera on it?
YES! In fact, we really think you should! We've built a camera mounting point right onto the frame, much as you would find on a tripod. Aerial videos are awesome, so please share yours with us!

How much payload can Quadshot carry?
We have hovered with up to 440g (about a pound) of payload. We do not recommend that though. The limit is 220g (about half a pound) without impacting the behavior of the vehicle.

Who are you?
Transition Robotics, Inc. is a young company working towards innovative concepts in Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) design. We love RC, UAVs and open-source technology (... and COFFEE), and are trying to share our passion.

Who is Lisa?
Lisa/M and Lisa/L are two Open-Hardware autopilot electronic systems that serve as the brain for Quadshot. They are based around the ARM Cortex M3 32-bit microcontroller running at 72 MHz.

What is the difference between Lia and Lisa/M?
Lia is a simplified version of Lisa/M. It has 0.1"-pitch holes to solder wires directly to the board (or for adding header pins) instead of Molex Picoblade connectors. It does not have a barometric pressure sensor, magnetometer, CAN transceiver or i2c level shifter. Otherwise it has all the same features as Lisa/M does.

Is it Open-Source?
YES! All of the Quadshot control software is open source. It is based on the incredibly powerful Paparazzi UAV project. All of the onboard control code and PC groundstation software are part of the upstream Paparazzi repository.

Is it Open-Hardware?
The autopilot electronics are fully Open-Hardware. You can find all PCB CAD files in the Paparazzi Hardware Repository.

Is it possible to upgrade Mocha to Espresso or even Kopi Luwak?
Yes. You will be able to purchase Lisa/M or Lisa/L separately. To perform the upgrade you will have to unsolder the wires from Lia and put molex picoblade connectors on them. Then you can swap out Lia for Lisa/M or Lisa/L. However we strongly recommend that only advanced users try this.

I want to modify or upgrade my Quadshot. Where can I get assistance?
We want to build an active community of people around Quadshot. The best place to ask questions you might have is in the forum, where other users may share their experiances with you and help you on your way.

What is the "Will Call" shipping method?
The "Will Call" shipping method is meant for customers living close to our office or visiting the area. Basically it allows such customers to pick up their order directly from us instead of using a shipping company (and paying associated shipping charges). Please note, not all products can be picked up via this method. Customers are responsible for scheduling a pickup time with us via email. We recommend that you contact us prior to placing your order to ensure we can be available at a time convenient to you. Please note, WE ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE IMPROMPTU TOURS OR DEMOS TO CUSTOMERS WHO VISIT SPECIFICALLY TO PICK UP THEIR SHIPMENTS.  

How can I contact you?
You can drop us an email at quadshot at thequadshot.com or quadshot at flyquadshot.com, post on our forum, and chat with us on the #quadshot channel on the freenode IRC network (If you don’t have an IRC client set up you can use a web client).

You can also of course follow us on twitter and facebook.