• Lisa/MX v2.0 - no IMU

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    This is the Lisa/M you know and love but with improved processing power provided by an STM32-F4 processor with a floating point unit enabling faster computation and hugely improved control and estimation capability for your vehicles.

    Note that this variant does not include any IMU -- an external IMU must be used!

    Paparazzi Compatibility Notes:

    The Lisa/M-F4 is FULLY compatible with paparazzi flight software and uses the same software setup as a lisa_mx in the airframe file.

    The specific airframe file tag is <target name="ap" board="lisa_mx_2.0">

    F4 Advantages
    • 168MHz CPU speed, 1MB flash and 192kb RAM
    • FPU (fast floating point computations)
    • configurable DMA streams (more peripherals can use DMA)
    • multiplexed IO pins (peripherals can be mapped to various IO pins)
    • CPU usage only about 5% with standard rotorcraft flight configuration

    Bootloader Details

    Instructions on flashing via USB with DFU-UTIL

    The STM32F4 can be flashed via SWD/JTAG (e.g. with the Black Magic Probe) or via DFU-UTIL
    Luftboot currently supports only F1xx chips, so you will not be able to use the integrated micro-USB connector to flash the autopilot via Luftboot.

    Lisa/M Autopilot v2.0

    With a footprint of only 24mm by 40mm, the Lisa/M autopilot is one of the smallest in its class, yet incorporates almost everything you need to build full-featured autonomous UAVs. It is compatible with the Paparazzi UAV project software.

    In brief, the STM32 features 3 USARTS, 2 SPI, 2 I2C, 1 CAN, a plethora of timers, ADCs and a generic DMA able to serve all of them.

    Lisa/M v2.0 includes 8 servo outputs and 3 UART serial interfaces. A number of the communication interfaces are level-shifted with user-selectable voltage to allow interfacing with all kinds of peripherals, for example:

    • GPS
    • Infrared (IR) horizon sensors
    • Hobby (PWM), MK-compatible (I2C), and CAN-bus brushless motor controllers
    • One or two 2.4GHz Spektrum® DSM2-compatible remote-control satellite receivers
    Note that this variant does not include any IMU -- an external IMU must be used!


    Lisa/M with F4 can be programmed in the following ways:

    • The JTAG connector allows in-circuit debugging of your software. To program using the JTAG connector we recommend using the  Black Magic Probe Mini.

    Additional material

    Lisa documentation on the Paparazzi wiki

    Need wires and connectors for your Lisa/M?

    The following pre-crimped wires are also available on our store:

    We also offer the following kits which include picoblade compatible connectors and pre-crimped wires for Lisa/Ms:
  • Lisa/MX v2.0 - no IMU
  • Lisa/MX v2.0 - no IMU
  • Lisa/MX v2.0 - no IMU

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