• Aspirin IMU V2 6DoM

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    At only 13.5 x 18.5mm, Aspirin v2 6 degree-of-measurement (DoM) represents the next generation of flat inertial measurement units. The Aspirin v2 economically harnesses the power of the InvenSense MPU-6000 3 - axis accelerometer and 3 - axis gyroscope chip.

    The Aspirin 6DoM allows you to add high-rate 3D acceleration and rotation rate sensing to your projects. When used in conjunction with aLisa/MorLiaautopilot, the 6DoM Aspirin is capable of stabilizing remote control multicopters and even transitioning vehicles like theQuadshot.

    Compared to the10DoM Aspirin, the 6DoM omits the Honeywell HMC5883 3 - axis magnetometer and the Measurement Specialties MS5611-01BA03 barometer. These sensors (along with a GPS module) are necessary to allow control of autonomous vehicles.

    Currently shipping PCB rev 2.1.




    Just the Aspirin module.


    On Aspirin Breakout Carrier:

    Aspirin mounted on theAspirin Breakout Carrier. Breaks out all of Aspirin's connections to 0.1" through-holes that make it easy to integrate into your own projects.


    On Aspirin Booz Carrier:

    Aspirin mounted on the Aspirin Booz Carrier. Allows you to use an Aspirin IMU as a drop-in replacement for the Booz IMU. Breaks out all of Aspirin's connections to a 12-pin Molex Picoblade connector, as well as 0.1" through-holes. Cable included.


    On Flat Carrier:

    Aspirin mounted on theLisa/L Aspirin Flat Carrier. A low-profile carrier board that sits flat on top of a Lisa/L. Perfect for using a Lisa/L and Aspirin in a Quadshot. Cable included.




    The IMU does not come with a calibration file as the sensors are factory calibrated.
    The default configuration file can be found here.


    Additional material

    Aspirin documentation on the Paparazzi wiki

    The software and documentation are a community effort, and as such are continually being improved. Have fun and see you on the Paparazzi email list, the Paparazzi wiki, the Quadshot wiki, and the #paparazzi freenode IRC channel!

  • Aspirin IMU V2 6DoM
  • Aspirin IMU V2 6DoM

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