• Aspirin IMU V2 10DoM

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  • Description

    At only 13.5 x 18.5mm, the Aspirin v2 represents the next generation of flat 10 degree-of-measurement (DoM) inertial measurement units. Aspirin v2 10 DoM combines the InvenSense MPU-6000 3 - axis accelerometer and 3 - axis gyroscope chip, the Honeywell HMC5883 3 - axis magnetometer, and the Measurement Specialties MS5611-01BA03 barometer.

    The Aspirin v2 10DoM allows you to add high-rate 3D acceleration, rotation rate, 3D compass, and barometric altitude sensing to your projects. When used in conjunction with a Lisa/M or Lia autopilot, the Aspirin 10DoM is capable of stabilizing remote control fixed-wing aircraft, multicopters, and even transitioning vehicles like the Quadshot. Control of autonomous vehicles is possible with the addition of a GPS unit.

    Currently shipping PCB version 2.2, which moves the barometric sensor to the main SPI bus for more reliable and faster communication. Please ensure the following IMU configuration in your airframe file: <subsystem name="imu"           type="aspirin_v2.2"/>




    Just the Aspirin module.


    On Aspirin Breakout Carrier:

    Aspirin mounted on theAspirin Breakout Carrier. Breaks out all of Aspirin's connections to 0.1" through-holes that make it easy to integrate into your own projects.


    On Aspirin Booz Carrier:

    Aspirin mounted on the Aspirin Booz Carrier. Allows you to use an Aspirin IMU as a drop-in replacement for the Booz IMU. Breaks out all of Aspirin's connections to a 12-pin Molex Picoblade connector, as well as 0.1" through-holes. Cable included.


    On Flat Carrier:

    Aspirin mounted on theLisa/L Aspirin Flat Carrier. A low-profile carrier board that sits flat on top of a Lisa/L. Perfect for using a Lisa/L and Aspirin in a Quadshot. Cable included.




    The IMU does not come with a calibration file as the sensors are factory calibrated.

    However, we recommend that users calibrate the unit after mounting on the airframe for optimal performance.

    The default configuration file can be found here.


    Additional material

    Aspirin documentation on the Paparazzi wiki

    The software and documentation are a community effort, and as such are continually being improved. Have fun and see you on the Paparazzi email list, the Paparazzi wiki, the Quadshot wiki, and the #paparazzi freenode IRC channel!

  • Aspirin IMU V2 10DoM
  • Aspirin IMU V2 10DoM
  • Aspirin IMU V2 10DoM

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